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Website Design

We have many years of experience helping clients realise their online ambitions. From engagement right through to going live, we can manage the project, offer one-to-one design services from a team of designers with varied styles to suit your needs. We can then build your Content Management System, E-commerce system or bespoke website project using a mixture of PHP, SQL, jQuery/Javascript, XML, AJAX, lean CSS, AMP and built fully responsively for effective display across all devices. We don't use popular yet slow, insecure, restrictive and bloated frameworks. We design and build YOUR project, FOR YOU!

Website Building

We don't just design websites, much of our work here comes from designers who have already been through the initial phases with their clients and had designs signed off. They come to us to help them realise there designs in a secure, optimised and web-ready final product. Other clients have an internal design department and need help in the building phase.

We only ever use Open Source platforms for the sites we build and, we have made a name for ourselves as the leading choice for getting a non-WordPress site. For us, security, performance, simplicity, scalability, and flexibility are far too darn important to risk on 'band-waggoning'. There are tons of proper CMS systems out there and simply no compelling reason to choose a 'pseudo-CMS' over any one of them. We've made a good trade too, in helping those currently battling with WordPress sites switch to something better. For those people, their support, security, and even hosting bills are slashed and consequently, we have an extremely happy trail of clients who previously were tearing their hair out.

Custom Coding

We have done a lot of work for people who have systems in place, or for those currently implementing things, but are requiring some specific bespoke functionality adding.  We have also built systems from the ground up for people. We have tackled things like:

  • Custom shipping modules for Popular Open Source Systems
  • Property listings integrations to pull in data from third-party systems and display in a company's website
  • Insurance premium calculation engines
  • Mapping systems
  • Extending E-commerce systems to meet the needs of business
  • Data Import/Export functions
  • Web-based databases

Let Us Help You Realise Your Potential

Whilst we will work with most systems, we strongly believe in standards compliant systems that are fast, secure and easy to maintain and those which provide the client with flexibility.

We will code in PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Javascript, CSS, HTML, JSON, AJAX, XML and other associated open technologies.

Simple remote support
for ad-hoc Windows and macOS PC users.

Call us on 03303 800 023

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  3. Provide us with the code.

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