With Managed I.T. Support, Your Business Runs Smoothly

By taking a proactive approach and monitoring your network resources 24x7, we can detect and remedy most business-threatening scenarios, often before you're even aware of the issue. Our managed IT support helps you to continue to work for your customers, whilst potentially saving you a stack of cash in downtime-costs. We've encountered many businesses over the years relying on a 'break-fix' approach to their IT because they believe it to be cheaper. Sadly, this is generally not the case once they factor in the cost of avoidable downtime. Let Redwax ease the pressure and keep your IT systems up and running for you.

24/7/365 System Health Monitoring

We check your system for things such as disk space/health, memory usage and CPU, and monitor event logs for you. We can also check your backups and the status of your anti-virus.

Monitoring this way prevents issues causing an interruption to your work, often discovering underlying issues and intercepting them before you see an impact on your business and need to report a fault to us.

We are both dependable and flexible when we detect an issue via our 24x7 IT Monitoring Service. We proceed and resolve the fault where it's labour only because our managed support includes unlimited labour.  For work involving parts, we can work to a pre-authorised work limit or notify you immediately to ensure rapid authorisation.

Phone Support

Health Monitoring


Ticketing Support

Lower Cost

Better Security

Fully Managed Business I.T. Support

This includes everything in Monitoring (above), plus fully inclusive remote support, consultancy and the extremely popular Employee Advantage scheme so you can offer your staff great value IT services on their domestic IT issues. With a clear, simple and manageable monthly cost, no unexpected surprises...

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Case Studies

International Patent Attorneys

A multi-million pound turnover business. We were approached by their Director of Technology to assist in auditing the existing infrastructure, which spanned several branch offices and a Co-location facility, with equipment approaching end of life and a desire within the organisation to consolidate and save money.

We worked to offer a more cost-effective and resilient solution going forward which included lower maintenance costs with limited capital expenditure. This included migrating some existing server instances from an in-house VMWare stack to our managed cloud platform and taking the opportunity to start afresh with some other instances to bring them up to date. In all we brought down the server count from 24 to 11 and slashed the ongoing costs. We also looked at the branch office infrastructure and consolidated this too to provide better resilience.

Together with our 24/7 support ethos in the data centre, we continue to provide management and monitoring at the server level for this organisation and consultancy and support for the IT manager following the success we demonstrated, which has seen the company saving thousands of pounds every month on their IT infrastructure expenditure and seen their need for capital investment almost entirely disappear.

Planning Consultants

We were approached, following a recommendation (which is where 90% of our new business comes from, recommendations), by the current IT administrator to provide a bespoke CAD system, following a history of them buying Dell systems for this purpose.

Impressed with the quality of our system and the price-point, they then asked us to carry out a review of their IT systems.

We advised them to move away from their by-now out of support Small Business Server (2003), to a pure Server 2012 R2 environment and our hosted Exchange service, as their rural location didn't offer the connectivity (speed/reliability) for an onsite exchange server and their organisation was too small for this to be financially viable going forward.

Their monthly expenditure on IT has decreased dramatically and we have upgraded numerous of their CAD systems now.


I don't know how my business survived from an IT point of view before we found Redwax. They're the resource I've been looking for as a small business owner who doesn't really have time to sort out IT problems. Redwax are great at doing that whether it's a kit problem or a program problem. They are unusual in being a computer wizz's and also very personable. I highly recommend them.

Katharine - Friends1st

Redwax migrated our Exchange email to their hosted platform and installed a new server to hold our company data to feed a network of 14 computers. They seamlessly switched from our old server to the new one without any disruption to our business. Since it was installed in 2014 it hasn’t missed a beat and has enabled our business to enjoy robust data access and continuous email communications (both mobile and desktop).

Mike - MD, Storm Geomatics

We are a small company without an in-house IT department. We have contracted Redwax since 2012 to provide IT support. The service has been excellent, providing a rapid response to any issues arising, and proposing and implementing various improvements to our systems. We could not have asked for more.

Paul - Technology Strategy Consultants

Redwax are true professionals with great experience and always up to date with the latest technologies. All round good company to work with!

Sam Cockrill

Redwax are a great asset to our company from the seamless web hosting and support provided to us and our clients, through to the IT expertise for our systems. We always recommend Redwax to our customers too as this gives us peace of mind when working on Web projects.

Tom Walton - Dandelime

Alex has been a great service provider when providing solutions for my web based IT problems. Not only professional and approachable but also an expert in his area. He will always go the extra mile to solve your issue.

Lucy Titchmarsh - Greenhill Gallery

Very professional, approachable and always delivers on time. I have no hesitation in recommending!

Rob Banford - Business Growth Advisor

Redwax have hosted and supported my website since 2010 and I have been very pleased with the service and support.

Susan Lewis - Business Growth Advisor

Laptop died and Redwax quickly confirmed its' death and recovered all my files for a really low fee. I was also given some really solid advice about choosing a new machine! Highly recommended!

Greg Brice

Simple remote support
for ad-hoc Windows and macOS PC users.

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