Terms of Service

Terms used through this document

“Us/us”, “We/we”, “Our/our” – Means Redwax Ltd, Redwax, Redwax Cloud Hosting, Our Partners

“You/Your”, “The Client” – Means the client, as indicated in the Agreement sectionof this document

“Service” – refers to the underlying products, such as a hosting service or a monitoring

“System” – refers to a piece of hardware and an operating system

“Support” – related to the work required to manage and support the service.

“Endpoint” – In the context of monitoring, refers to a device that has been added to our monitoring service

“Users/user”, “Staff/staff” – people who make use of a service or a system

Variation of Terms

On occasion, it may be necessary for Redwax Cloud Hosting to vary the terms of this agreement.  Any changes to the actual service that is provided will be notified to the client.

It may also be necessary for the prices of the services to be amended in accordance with wider pricing pressures.  Any changes of this nature will be notified 21 days before the commencement of the next billing cycle.


Clients of Redwax Cloud Hosting agree that they will indemnify and hold from harm Redwax Cloud Hosting (or it's representatives) against liabilities, losses, costs and claims, all demands, including legal fees asserted against Redwax Cloud Hosting, its agents, its customers, representatives, officers and employees, that may arise or result from any service provided or performed or agreed to be performed or any product sold by customer, it's agents, employees or assignees.

The maximum liability that Redwax Cloud Hosting accepts is the fee levied for the services provided for the current month.  No liability for any consequential loss will be accepted by Redwax Cloud Hosting.

Overriding Disclaimer

Absolutely no guarantees of service are offered in the provision of the services offered.  Whilst Redwax Ltd aims to maintain an up-time in the region on 99.999%, we accept absolutely no liability for not meeting this.  This means that Redwax Ltd accept absolutely no liability arising out of loss of income for our Clients, business interruption or consequential loss.

Responsibility for loss or interruption of services caused by other users, other providers, third parties or by Redwax Ltd is in no way accepted by Redwax Ltd.

Microsoft 365 Terms

We provide billing and associated support for Microsoft 365.  Your service is hosted with Microsoft and we are acting as a UK agent.  You are free to migrate the billing to another provider at the end of the term. Subscriptions are subject to a 12 month term unless otherwise stated.  Should additional services or licences be added to an existing subscription after the first billing date, these services and licences will be billed on the following billing date and include fees for the period from activation of these additional services and licences until the billing date plus advance payment for the services and licences in the following month.  We reserve the right to charge termination fees on services and licences forming part of a subscription that are deleted before the end of the subscription period.  The early termination fee amounts to a maximum of the number of months remaining in the subscription multiplied by the highest monthly fee paid during the subscription period.

Privacy Policy & Disclosure

Redwax Cloud Hosting takes the privacy of it's customers data seriously.  We endeavour to maintain the security of all systems, including those within which the clients' details are stored.  This information is used internally to identify the client and manage their services effectively.

Any information held on our systems is available to the client upon request.

Redwax Cloud Hosting may also store or offer to store information on the clients computer, such as cookies in order for the client to be easily identified.

We will never disclose this or any other information relating to our dealings with the client, under any circumstances, except those noted here:

  • Requests from law enforcers
  • Situations that necessary to protect the interests of Redwax Ltd, entirely at our discretion
  • Requests arising from disputes or abuse notices from third parties.

Managed Support Terms

  1. Whilst there is no cap given to the amount of engineer time the Client can use in a given month, if we deem the Client to be consistently using a disproportionate amount of engineer time and it is to the detriment of other customers, we may impose a limit or terminate the service altogether, entirely at our discretion.
  2. Whilst we are happy to fix things that break unexpectedly or that arise following a member of staff accidentally causing a problem, we will not spend time under this agreement fixing things that arise out of malice or as a result of the same staff member consistently causing avoidable issues or from multiple staff accidentally causing the same issue over a period of time. We therefore assert a responsibility on the part the Client to communicate adequate IT policies to their users.
  3. Any engineer time required in connection with a loss for which the client is insured will not be covered under this agreement. You are advised to seek advice from Redwax Ltd as to the cost associated with completing the required remedial work and to include a claim for this under your insurance.
  4. In all instances, the liability we afford you is limited to the fee for one month of this contract. Under no circumstances will we accept any liability for any additional costs incurred by the Client as a result of and during the relationship however caused or however connected to the service, system or support provided herein. Absolutely no warranty is given, and no liability is extended to Redwax Ltd. for any consequential loss, loss of income, loss of brand in any circumstance whatsoever to either the Client or their representatives or associates.
  5. All fees are payable for the month at the start of the billing period. Payments can be made by Bank Transfer or Direct Debit.  Payments more than 10 days overdue may result in a suspension of the service and will result in an interest charge of 10% back-dated to the due date.

Simple remote support
for ad-hoc Windows and macOS PC users.

Call us on 03303 800 023

  1. Click the link below for your operating system.
  2. Open the downloaded RedwaxSupport file.
  3. Provide us with the code.

Windows PC

macOS PC