Case Studies

International Patent Attorneys

A multi-million pound turnover business. We were approached by their Director of Technology to assist in auditing the existing infrastructure, which spanned several branch offices and a Co-location facility, with equipment approaching end of life and a desire within the organisation to consolidate and save money.

We worked to offer a more cost-effective and resilient solution going forward which included lower maintenance costs with limited capital expenditure. This included migrating some existing server instances from an in-house VMWare stack to our managed cloud platform and taking the opportunity to start afresh with some other instances to bring them up to date. In all we brought down the server count from 24 to 11 and slashed the ongoing costs. We also looked at the branch office infrastructure and consolidated this too to provide better resilience.

Together with our 24/7 support ethos in the data centre, we continue to provide management and monitoring at the server level for this organisation and consultancy and support for the IT manager following the success we demonstrated, which has seen the company saving thousands of pounds every month on their IT infrastructure expenditure and seen their need for capital investment almost entirely disappear.

Geological Surveyors

A company we picked up as a result of their frustration with time being wasted with systems that were not working for them. As a feeder and so confident in our solutions, we offered this organisation a system on trial so they could see for themselves the difference we could make, without commitment from them.

3 years later and they have replaced everything. Not because we have sold it to them, but because they have seen the value to their business of making necessary decisions.

We have since migrated them away from Small Business Server 2003 to Server 2012 R2, moved their email out of the brick and mortar and increased their network capacity, which is a plus for a large team of CAD users.

The IT within the business has become streamlined, effective and agile meaning the team get more done in less time.

Planning Consultants

We were approached, following a recommendation (which is where 90% of our new business comes from, recommendations), by the current IT administrator to provide a bespoke CAD system, following a history of them buying Dell systems for this purpose.

Impressed with the quality of our system and the price-point, they then asked us to carry out a review of their IT systems.

We advised them to move away from their by-now out of support Small Business Server (2003), to a pure Server 2012 R2 environment and our hosted Exchange service, as their rural location didn't offer the connectivity (speed/reliability) for an onsite exchange server and their organisation was too small for this to be financially viable going forward.

Their monthly expenditure on IT has decreased dramatically and we have upgraded numerous of their CAD systems now.

IT Support Company

Following a historic relationship, we have provided consultancy and high-level systems administration to an IT support company who needed external expertise with certain clients of theirs.

A support company with some 40+ clients some of which total some 80 employees, we have performed server migrations, recovery, management and consultancy, helping both our client, and theirs.

CCTV Design and Installation

Following a string of security incidents, a Rugby Club contacted us to propose a solution to cover key areas of their premises.  We conducted a site survey, discussed the options before specifying a solution.  We pre-configured the system for rapid deployment to ensure limited disruption, and to mitigate any bad weather on the day.  We provided a flexible system , allowing certain users access to view a subset of cameras, which was part of the brief so that the local police could get in and view remotely.  With plenty of recording capacity for the 8 camera system, the client now has peace of mind.

WiFi Bridging and Breakout

We were requested to get WiFi into a collection of portacabins and a manufacturing unit, for a client who design and manufacture trains, following their move to the Quinton Rail Technology Centre.  We first conducted a site survey, before specifying a suitable system and a designing a configuration for the kit.  We preconfigured everything offsite so that on the day, we could be in and out as quickly as possible to ensure minimal disruption and to mitigate and unfavourable weather, as this job was largely outdoors.

We linked up 3 buildings to a further building that had a backhaul fibre connection.  We then dropped access points into those 3 buildings to facilitate connectivity to the internet.  Because of the prep, we were in and out in 3 hours and everything worked off the bat.  The client was very happy.

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